The City

As I started to look rarely at Google Maps, as I know about how much it takes to walk from Midtown to Chelsea, as I started confidently crossing the street at red light, as the useless taxi horns on the crossroads stopped wondering me, as my neck doesn’t hurt anymore from watching the skyscrapers, as […]

If You Want To Change The World, Start With Yourself

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself” – I’ve heard this quote of Gandhi since forever and, as the time goes by, I’m giving it new meaning. I’ve always thought about it in the following way. It’s easy to notice what is wrong around you, what the others make not correct and you always have an […]

Money Beliefs

Two weeks ago I attended a financial seminar and you will have to help me organise my notes through writing these emails (: What do you think might be the content of such a seminar? I was mostly expecting to learn about strategies, about systems. Surely, this was also there. But the bigger emphasise was put on beliefs, […]


What was one of the turning points in the early history of mankind? Invention of agriculture. It created civilisation. Before it, the gatherers collected everything they could find and ate it all. What made agriculture possible? Not eating everything and leaving some for seeds, which were planted and gave reliably fruits in the future. Exactly […]

Investment Philosophy

Last week I met yet again with (and deeply analysed) an investment philosophy that consists of 3 levels. One can visualise them as 3 slightly inclined buckets one under another. The water pours in the top most bucket. When it gets full, the excess flows further in the second bucket. And when the second bucket […]

Can It Get Boring?

Sitting in a bar this weekend, shortly watching presumably “first-daters”, I was asked how long do I know my beloved wife. Almost 14 years I hold her by the hand. Then a question was put which sounded something like “Can it get boring?”. Here is what I think… How can it get boring when we […]

Hugging Till Relaxed

I’m now in the middle of a rather big, sometimes difficult to read book on the topic of intimate relationships. It’s full of great content and today I decided to share with you a technique/metaphor I find amazing. It’s called hugging till relaxed. The technique While hugging, both persons stay firmly on their feet. Each one […]


There is a website I was helping to bring online: Dori’s prints. I was happy to finally have an opportunity to see what WordPress is and what you can do with it. Although we made mostly everything together with Dori[na], still, the part I feel responsibility for is the technical one. So, it was no surprise […]

First things first

I have some problem with appointments to massage salons. In the middle of year 2016 I bought 2 massage sessions which were valid exactly half of the year. In the end of December I remembered about it and was able to make an appointment after the “end date”. After the massage itself in January 2017, […]

Economically Unfeasible Architecture

From time to time, I’m happy to have family or friends visiting me in Hamburg. I already have a predefined route around some attractions which we usually take and enjoy the views. When we go by buildings like the Rathaus or St. Nicholas Church, time and time again I’m amazed by what things they built back then. […]