Here are the results of the 5 days 5AM challenge:

Patience to learn

The point of this experiment was to do in the morning the things I have no energy to do in the evening. Specifically, I was using the time in the morning to learn things related to my profession. After work, I was usually too tired, not concentrated or simply too bored to do these things. Now I had the patience and no distractions.

Think you have more time

As I look at my watch and see the short hand at 5, it feels like I have a lot of time. I take it slower, meditate longer. The morning seems more pleasant, as I don’t try to get quickly through the morning rituals and get in the car as soon as possible because the autobahn is getting busier with every passing minute. Which leads to the next point…

The road is clear

Usually, during the morning, I look multiple times on Google Maps. I follow how the yellow parts of the autobahn are becoming red and then the red parts are getting bigger and then I run out of the house. But not last week. The road was clear, I could concentrate better on the audio book and it took less time to arrive to the office. Bonus: you can get choosy with the parking spots.

Quite gym

Same thing in the gym – very few people, no queues, all the devices and shower cabins are yours and, again, you’re saving time.

Productive start of the work day

When you get to the office, you don’t require anymore the time to “start up”. There is no need for a coffee, scrolling some articles and news to get in the working state. By the time you get to the desk, your day is already fully in progress, you’re very awake and right away productive.

Quick asleep

When you go to bed, you’re quickly falling asleep, because the time and energy you need to binge watch funny videos in bed was already used for healthier things in the morning.


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