A Hidden Form Of Procrastination

Since I finished with my studies, I worked at 3 companies.

I liked my first job very much. I had great colleagues, it was always fun, everyone was friendly.

I still miss those times.

Then I was hired by a German company. I quickly realised that I wasn’t working hard till then. Here, the work was very well planned, thanks to certain processes and tools. I was much more productive than before.

I still miss those times too.

Half a year ago I switched to another job. Now as I think, I don’t understand what I was doing at the previous two. There is so much work being done here. For the last month or two, I think we have too much work. I’m accumulating too quickly overtime hours. But I don’t even notice it. I don’t feel the stress. Last week I woke up and already started thinking about work, about how I was going to solve some problems. I got in the working mood and I was happily looking forward to get to the office and put my hands on the keyboard.

This alarmed me.

I realised that for these last month or two I was concentrated only on work. The stressful period at work was my excuse to ignore the other things I should have taken care of. I would even work through my lunch break, instead of quickly finishing with some personal stuff like replying to emails, making some phone calls, scheduling appointments, etc., things I was putting off on and on.

In other words, the immersion in work was actually procrastination.

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