Benefits Of Long Distance Walking

After the complains from my last week’s email, this Saturday I put on a warm outfit, took my sunglasses and went for a walk with my beloved wife.

According to Google Fit, we walked 6 hours (active time), 25 km, 35000 steps. We stopped only for lunch and for a coffee in the evening.

Sitting in the coffee shop, already impressed by the distance covered so far and generally having a very good mood, I started wondering what are the benefits of walking, specifically long distance walking.

Popular Google search results will give you answers like fat loss, stress reduction, risk minimisation of cardiovascular diseases, improved sleep.

But my satisfaction and well being at that moment couldn’t be caused by any of these. I surely wasn’t happy with myself that I burnt 1200 calories, because, on the contrary, I’m trying hard now to save them.

The reason why this walk made me feel so good is that I had an opportunity to discuss with my wife for an entire day without any interruptions.

We discussed on very different topics: pleasant, serious, funny, sad, positive, uncomfortable, painful, reassuring, topics I earlier avoided…

This for me is the main benefit of long distance walking.

And even if you walk alone, you have the opportunity to think for yourself about the same things, uninterrupted by your busyness, laziness or procrastination.

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