Some time ago I decided to notice every time I complain and cut it off. I’m talking about non-constructive complaining. Grumbling. Moaning.

I even tried challenges like “A week no complaints”. It helped.
I think I got good at it.
Life seems somehow better to enjoy when you don’t complain all the way.

But there is a problem that came with it: I now notice every time other people complain. And it is much more of it than I previously thought.

There is a German word – “nervig” (irritating). When I hear it, I’m looking for the escape route.

Complaining puts you in a negative/destructive state. It also affects in the same way those around you.  Most of the time it doesn’t help at all.
You also don’t look cool when you’re complaining. It sets you in a victim mode and no one usually likes it.

Does your complaint change anything? Can the person to whom you complain help in this matter? Will the weather get better if you constantly declare how unhappy you are with it?

Try to notice how often you complain and see if it brings any value. Try it for your sake, but also for those around you.

Sometimes you just need to accept the imperfect world.

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