Let’s Fly To An Island

Monday at work. About noon. “Let’s go!”, he said and we went to fly to an island. Just two people in an aircraft.

Two people is actually maximum what that aircraft could carry. It weights only 280 kg. It can be pulled out of the hangar by one person.

We made the necessary checks.

  • You rotate the propeller until it gluckert.
  • What does it mean?
  • You’ll know when you hear it.

So I learned the word “gluckern”.

I also learned how to throw out the parachute if the pilot will be unresponsive. A parachute for the airplane, not for the people.

After going through the checklist, the relatively small propeller dragged the entire machine and off we took. So much different from the Lufthansa airplane from Hamburg to München. So sensible. I felt like in a toy car. But this toy brought us so high and so far. I still can’t get used to the idea what this small thing can do.

In less than an hour we landed on the island. A new world opened to me. We arrived to a parking lot for airplanes. Totally different from an airport. These were light aircrafts, parked on grass, while their owners where enjoying their vacation. One of them landed and luggage was taken out of its trunk. Just like arriving with your car to a hotel.

By the way, I never felt such a fine sand with my feet. Walking through it, I saw what possibilities this aircraft opens. On a Monday, early afternoon, while my colleagues continued working, I was walking through seashore on an island and knew that I’ll be home in the evening.

Here is a 10 seconds summary: http://coub.com/view/xkfft

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