I achieved my 14 days meditation streak.

But I’m not going to share any results of the practice itself. I’m not yet ready. I’ll give it more time.

The goal was not to collect the results after two weeks, but to integrate the meditation practice into my morning routine. I believe it was achieved.

It is no more an effort to schedule these extra 10 minutes. It’s now an integral part of the morning, as brushing the teeth and having breakfast.

And this is the topic I’d like to share with you today — morning routine.

Basically, we are waking up at a specific time because we have to go to work. It was the same during the university and school. My waking up time depended on the hour when I had to start the day at those, allow me to call them, facilities.

Since I started my professional career, I have 2 alarm settings on my smartphone: work and weekend. But, after the experience of the last two weeks, I renamed the first one.

In an average morning of a working day I manage to meditate, eat a full bowl of oatmeal, watch an educational video like a TED Talk, work out (including warm up, the actual work out routine, cool down and stretching), take shower, get dressed to work, pack my lunch, drive 25 km on die Autobahn while listening to an audio book and manage to be in the office at 9:00.

As a comparison, during my first winter in Hamburg, I would only wake up at 9:00 – 10:00, just because my working schedule allowed me so (and because it was still dark at that hour).

When I approach the gym, it’s dark night outside and I feel kind of proud to enter it at that hour. But then I’m quickly brought back to the earth by seeing people who already leave the gym.

When I come to the office, I’m not feeling as if the day is only starting. I’m already rather lively after experiencing, learning and contemplating on many things.

That is when I realised that the label “Arbeit” of my alarm doesn’t really tell the truth. Yes, I still have to organise my Mondays through Fridays around the work, but I’m surely not setting my alarm because it’s time go to work.

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