Let me tell you about my observation made while climbing the Olympus Mountain.

Our goal was a so called refuge at an altitude of 2100 m. There was basically one way that led there and I knew that I simply had to go on this road for the next 4 hours. In other words, no map was needed, no navigation software would show when you’d have to turn right, how many km are left and when is the estimated time of arrival.

So, I simply walked, not thinking about the next step, not carrying how much is left. The cliche “enjoy the journey”, which I did.

But it was strange at the beginning and I quickly understood what felt wrong.

Just two days before that, I was intensively using Asana and the Calendar to organise and deal with my tasks, doing my best to manage some things before the vacation and prepare other things for the vacation.

Now, climbing the mountain, I realised that I wasn’t dealing with any specific task from my list. Moreover, I did’t think about other things I’ll have to work on today or tomorrow. There was no urgency, no worries, no next task.


I just… walked.

And it felt good.


I made a mental note that one really needs to disconnect from time to time and simply relax. But it has to be a different relaxation than hobby or sports, where you still check the time to see when you should get to the next item from your schedule.


Maybe meditation?

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