I like setting small challenges for myself. You do something new for you. You make extra effort to continue doing it. You do it for a long enough period. It becomes easy. You don’t feel like giving extra effort anymore. You can form a habit, if you want to.

Mostly, these challenges were successful. Some I transformed in habits, like taking cold showers, meditation, flossing. Some successfully achieved their deadlines – not drinking alcohol for a couple of months, eating sweets only one day per week, the beard experiment, not drinking coffee at work.

There is one thing that started bothering me. In the last couple of months, it deteriorated.



We’re all guilty of it. But it became my routine. When I set the alarm for the next morning, I did it taking into consideration that I will snooze. And so I constantly did in the morning.

My alarm has this feature – the maximal number of snoozes one can make. I would reach this limit, half asleep take the effort of setting the alarm again for 5 minutes later and fall asleep again.

I felt bad about it. Still, in the evening, I already knew what would happen the next morning and set the alarm correspondingly.

The most depressing thought was that snoozing was my very first decision in the day and it was far from a good one. For me this was starting the day with a failure.

I finally started the seven days no snooze experiment and successfully reached the goal.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult. I didn’t need to employ any tricks like leaving the phone far from the bed or even disabling the snooze feature on my phone. It didn’t matter if I had not enough sleep or was awaken from the deep sleep.

It was a simple matter of choice. One Sunday I decided I will not snooze in the morning and I didn’t. I simply chose to wake up.

Sure, I wanted to turn on my side and sleep further. But how would these 5 more minutes help? You can’t postpone waking up indefinitely. In 5,10 or even 60 minutes, you’ll still have to do it and you’ll be in the same state (if not worse).

You just decide to stand up and it gets immediately better.

And when you set an ambitious alarm for weekend and don’t snooze, you start respecting yourself a tiny bit more.

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