The Land Of Ice

“Are you crazy to go there in winter?!” My colleague said he is a “sun person” and would never go to Iceland in winter. I’m very sorry for him. Winter is exactly when you want to go there (although now, visiting it in summer is another goal of mine). Yet another relatively unplanned trip for […]

Buying Home

There is a topic that was itching for a couple of years already. Buying a “home”. Many people with whom I discussed this were providing arguments in favour of doing this step. Still, for now, my decision is against it and, after thinking enough about it, it seems that the itching went away. Here is […]

Let’s Fly To An Island

Monday at work. About noon. “Let’s go!”, he said and we went to fly to an island. Just two people in an aircraft. Two people is actually maximum what that aircraft could carry. It weights only 280 kg. It can be pulled out of the hangar by one person. We made the necessary checks. You […]

When One Door Closes

As I was writing my resolution for 2017, I put accent on traveling. We have a nice plastic calendar, where one can write with a marker and easily wipe it, if need be. You have an immediate overview of the entire year, which makes this process of planning not only easier but also, somehow, exciting. […]

Hug The Police

You’ve surely seen what happened last week in Hamburg, as some of its streets transformed into a war zone. I will not bother you with any thoughts on politics and violent protestors. What I want to write about is the police. Watching and reading about what was going on 8 km away from my home, […]


Here are the results of the 5 days 5AM challenge: Patience to learn The point of this experiment was to do in the morning the things I have no energy to do in the evening. Specifically, I was using the time in the morning to learn things related to my profession. After work, I was […]

Biggest Traveling Nightmare: The Vacation Goes On

Very often, as I wait for my flight at the gate, I hear last calls for some passengers. Their gate is empty, everyone is in the plane. The passenger’s name is repeated a couple more times. No-one is coming and they close the gate. I feel so bad for that passenger. How can you not […]


I like setting small challenges for myself. You do something new for you. You make extra effort to continue doing it. You do it for a long enough period. It becomes easy. You don’t feel like giving extra effort anymore. You can form a habit, if you want to. Mostly, these challenges were successful. Some […]

Extra Step

Last Friday my company held a Christmas and New Year’s party. I find it creative to celebrate it in March. Plus, you surely have much better options to find a nice place, then when competing with the entire Hamburg in December or even January. And a nice place was chosen this year indeed – Hamburg’s […]

Personal Goals At Work

There is an exponentiation operation I like. Actually 2 of them: 1.01^365 = 37.8 0.99^365 = 0.03 What this shows is that if you push just 1% more every day, by the end of one year you’ll get 37.8 times better. On the other hand, if you do 1% less every day, you’ll degrade quite […]