Rules and creativity

For a long time I wanted to live in Germany. At the beginning it was probably the influence of my cousin who moved there at an early age. I loved all the presents I would later receive from Germany. Then I visited this country myself and my attraction to it intensified. I liked how nice […]

An Investment Strategy

Dear Reader, let’s talk again about investing. Thinking about investment opportunities, you might try to choose among many options, depending on your resources, time, character, abilities. You might consider opening a deposit account in a bank, buying some stocks, investing in funds or in a startup that you believe might become a unicron. Maybe you already thought […]

Creating Happiness

You might not like how it sounds, but here is what I noticed: Happiness can be created artificially …and this is a good thing.   When I moved in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg I was easily impressed by almost everything here. It was a great feeling and I tried to keep it alive – whatever new […]


Every year I’m coming back home during the Easter holidays. In my opinion, it is the most intensively celebrated holiday in Moldova, so it’s a good time to be coming back. After spending some time with the relatives, I made the following observations: Parents are missing you Yes, it sounds evident, but sometimes I forget this. It’s […]

The Obstacle Is The Way

There is no good or bad. It’s how you perceive it. This phrase had a big impact on me. Here is the example I was told: the same problem can have different values on the “significance” scale. Someone might worry and not sleep at night because of a problem and another person can treat the same […]

Gratitude Or Ambition?

In my first email note, I wrote about journaling, where I said that I always write down what I am grateful for. Lately I started struggling to understand where is the line between being grateful and being ambitious. Apparently these two are mutually exclusive. Gratitude helps me stay positive, notice the things I have and be satisfied with […]

The Child Within You

Last week I was visiting my relatives in Germany’s Golden City and what a jewellery have I found there… 20 years ago I earned a small cassette payer. My cousin, who lived with me at that time, could supply us with empty cassettes. I vaguely remember it, but we were recording radio shows. And one of such cassettes was to be […]


Development I remember when I was younger, I adored the word cozy. I wondered why there is no such word in Romanian language. I also loved feeling cozy. I still do, but now with a feeling of guilt. The thing is, as long as you’re feeling cozy, you are not developing and the less you are developing, the fewer […]

Be Your Friend

You know that you are being helpful when you encourage other people. You always do this with your loved ones. You believe in them. You help them make that next step. You even laugh when they are afraid to make it. You don’t understand and get angry when they find just enough arguments for why they […]

5 minutes that improve Today and Tomorrow

I’m sure you experienced going to sleep unpleasantly tired. This was one of those days when something stressed you and suddenly things started going wrong (or at least you felt that way). In the end of the day you go in bed unsettled and think what a bad day it was. I feel I solved this […]