It’s Your Fault!

A very short thought on who’s to blame: Everything bad that is happening to you is your fault. Don’t blame the weather, your colleague, the car in front of you, the bus driver who sold you wrong tickets… Take the responsibility. This way you will learn and avoid things happening to you again in the future. […]


I’m 30 now. I surely don’t feel any older, wiser or any different from last week. There is no difference between turning 30 and, say, 29. But I still like its symbolism. I believe that 30s will be different from 20s. For me, 20s means definitely young. 40s – definitely not young. 30s – a […]

Don’t Rely On Motivation

You know, Dear Reader, that feeling when you set yourself a goal and get soooo motivated? You might get motivated to run in the mornings, or go 3 days a week in the gym, or drink 3 liters of water per day, or create some healthy financial habit, or learn some new technology. You’re killing […]


I achieved my 14 days meditation streak. But I’m not going to share any results of the practice itself. I’m not yet ready. I’ll give it more time. The goal was not to collect the results after two weeks, but to integrate the meditation practice into my morning routine. I believe it was achieved. It is no […]


Some time ago I decided to notice every time I complain and cut it off. I’m talking about non-constructive complaining. Grumbling. Moaning. I even tried challenges like “A week no complaints”. It helped. I think I got good at it. Life seems somehow better to enjoy when you don’t complain all the way. But there is […]


Let me tell you about my observation made while climbing the Olympus Mountain. Our goal was a so called refuge at an altitude of 2100 m. There was basically one way that led there and I knew that I simply had to go on this road for the next 4 hours. In other words, no map was needed, no […]

When You Can’t Have It

Not always can you have everything you want. I decided that it might be a good idea to train your character to be ready for it. Some time ago I started passing often on sweets to see if I’m OK not having something when I want it. But it appeared to be rather easy. Once […]

Rules and creativity

For a long time I wanted to live in Germany. At the beginning it was probably the influence of my cousin who moved there at an early age. I loved all the presents I would later receive from Germany. Then I visited this country myself and my attraction to it intensified. I liked how nice […]

An Investment Strategy

Dear Reader, let’s talk again about investing. Thinking about investment opportunities, you might try to choose among many options, depending on your resources, time, character, abilities. You might consider opening a deposit account in a bank, buying some stocks, investing in funds or in a startup that you believe might become a unicron. Maybe you already thought […]

Creating Happiness

You might not like how it sounds, but here is what I noticed: Happiness can be created artificially …and this is a good thing.   When I moved in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg I was easily impressed by almost everything here. It was a great feeling and I tried to keep it alive – whatever new […]